Création/Connexion Compte Recyx


2. Create your account
3. Play the trial version
4. Buy the full version

Each new survivor will be able to play few hours with a full energy cell, in order to try the Recyx survival experience(Trial).

You will need to buy the game to unlock your version that will grant you to continue playing without furter obligations or limitations.

Nevertheless your will be able to buy some help or refill your Copex bank trough your account page.


Game system requirements:
- Windows XP/Vista/7/8
- CPU: 800 Mhz
- RAM: 512 MB
- DirectX: 8.1
- Hard Drive: 75 MB


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Welcome dear Survivor, please fill this brief form to get out of your hydrostasis and take control of your Recyx.

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Know that a forum account will beautomatically created with those same informations. Only one survivor by account .

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Until the final release

Become a founder member
by pre-ordering now!

For only 15$, get the full version, use this special bargain and enjouy the ultimate experience reserved for the veteran and persistent players!!!!!!

- Full version 15$ (Reg. price 20$)
- Mention of honnour(Title) : Founder
- 50 Copex more with account activation!
- 5000 Ex of bonus energy
- Pack stamp on your Recyx base
- Ingame advantage
- Exclusive access to the beta

...Thank you for your interest in RECYX! :)

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